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Hamshack Hotline


Our Ham Shack Hotline Number is
Feel free to call us
our time zone is UTC+10

Hamshack Hotline (HH) is a private telephone network for Hams by Ham Radio Operators. You must be an ham radio operator to get assign a HH telephone number. There is a strictly non-commercial use clause in the operating rules, so you will never get any telemarketers or political call on this phone service. The best part of all this is that it is totally free. Yes, you have to buy an telephone but there no monthly cost involved in this phone service. You can call another hams directly leave a voicemail or even join a conference call with others hams. HH was created with the thinking of Emergence Communications (ECOMM) use. It makes a great backup device for emergency communications. It works where ever you have Internet connectivity. Some people have been hooking up their repeaters to HH to let them talk on the air. The network is also a great tool for engineering in a radio circuit or for arranging skeds with other operators.

You can purchase a suitable Phone from Amazon and Ebay and both have worked and they have cost from $50 to $60. Please make sure you reach out to the sellers to make sure the phones are unlocked. Since most home internet routers are not “Power over Ethernet” you will need to pick up an AC adapter or an “Power over Ethernet” injector. The current acceptable phone models are Cisco SPA-303, SPA-505G, SPA-514G, Linksys/Cisco SPA941/942 and SPA-525G. You can also get the Cisco IP Adapter SPA-112 which is an adapter that lets you use any current touch tone phone on the HH network.

Make sure you check out the Hamshack Hotline Website for all the latest details on how to connect.

So to summarize

Pick up a used SIP compatible Cisco VoIP office style desktop handset off eBay or elsewhere, your cost should be $20 - $100 max. They maintain a list of the exact models you need to search for.

Submit a ticket to register your phone on their network. They'll send you a registration confirmation and a unique private phone extension in the system.

Follow their model by model published instructions to activate your phone over the Internet with your personal extension.

You may need to make a couple of port forwarding rules in your home router to facilitate the flow of voice data in and out of your home network.

Boom your done. You now have a working phone and a personal extension in the global Ham Shack Hotline network.

Call other extensions around the world (Ham to Ham only). Chat, organize, troubleshoot, etc.

Features include;

  • Global toll-free calling from extension to extension within this closed system.

  • All Amateur volunteer admins and staff running the system around the world.

  • Bridge rooms all over the world for group calls

  • Voicemail

  • Speed dials

  • DND, Do not disturb on/off

  • Blacklist extensions on/off

  • Wake up calls

  • Echo test

  • System clock

  • Web-based searchable global address book

NOTE - This is not an open phone network for local or long-distance calling over traditional phone networks. This is a closed Amateur Radio network only.


Hamshack Hotline website

HH Facebook Page




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