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WIA Member # 400459
Since 14 Sep 2010

WIA Assessor # 4-076

Member 2017

Since February 2017

Since December 2010

Member # 4205
Since 30 October 2013

Royal Australian Corps
of Signals
1984 - 2008
(Regular Force)
2008 - Present
(Reserve Force)

Member # 3100252709
Since 16 January 2015

ARRL Volunteer Examiner & Registered Licence Instructor
Since 28 April 2017



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VK4FI is a Advanced Class (Full Call) amateur radio station operated by Steven Dudley. I was first licenced as Amateur Radio Operator in 2010. In that year I gained my Foundation Amateur Radio Licence and was issued the call VK4FSRD. I was a late starter to Amateur gaining my first licence at 49, however, I have been involved in Radio and Communications since I first got the bug back the the early days of CB radio in Australia in 1977.

I was on CB for a number of years and then in 1984 I enlisted in the Australian Army and was allocated to the Royal Australian Signals Corps. I served in a number of locations within Australia and Overseas during my 24 plus years of  service in the Corps. I finished my fulltime military career as a Warrant Officer Class Two, Information Systems Manager in July 2008. I am still serving at the same rank and position as a Reserve Soldier (part-time).

I did plan on studying for a Amateur Licence back in the 1970's but work and personal life was more important, so it was only in 2010, that I again got the bug and decided that I needed to do something about getting a licence. So within 4 weeks of deciding that the time was right, I had done some quick study of the current regulations and sat the exam. I passed and was licenced as VK4FSRD.

In 2017 after 6 odd years as an F Call licence holder I thought it was about time that I upgraded and started playing with all the digital modes and open the horizons on new bands and a little more power. I started studying to upgrade and in the process I spoke to a local operator in Toowoomba (VK4TJ - John) who told me the cheapest option to a full call was to sit a US General Grade licence and then apply for a Australian Full call via the reciprocal licence agreement. I looked at this and decided that indeed John was correct and this was by far the cheapest option. I figured I could better spend my money on Antennas and Radios then on the exam fee.

So on the 25th March 2017, with a few more hopefuls, I sat the US Technician Exam, gaining 91%. And then during the same morning sat the US General Exam, again getting 91%. It was then just a matter of waiting for the paperwork to process and for the licence to appear on the FCC database. On the 10th April 2017, KI7MMT appeared on the FCC database and became my call. I then applied for a US vanity Call and was granted KS7EVE (K STEVE). On the 12th April 2017 I applied to the WIA for the Full Call (Advanced) Licence by way of the reciprocal licence agreement. On the 19th April 2017 I was informed by the WIA that they had recommended to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) that I be granted a Licence and the Callsign VK4FI. On the 09 May 2017, the licence appeared on the ACMA website.

I have now approached the WIA and requested Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for an Amature Operator's Certificate of Proficiency - Advanced (AOCP -A), given the many years of Radio and Electronics training I received as a member of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals over the last 3 decades. I submitted the application and was successful in being granted RPL for Advanced Theory and Practical on WIA RPL application 17006. All I was required to do was sit the Regulations assessment which I did on the 22 Aug 17. Ron (VK2DQ) administered the exam remotely with the assistance of a Commissioned Military Officer, from my place of work, who acted as the local scrutinizer. I was successful in this assessment and it was then just a waiting game until all the paperwork was submitted and processed by the WIA. On the 27 Sep 17, my bright new AOCP-A certificate number 5588 issued 5 September 2017 arrived. At the same time I also applied and was granted WIA assessor status on certificate 4-076, which enables me to conduct assessments for the 3 classes of licence available in Australia. This is in addition to my recognition by the ARRL as a being a Registered Licence Instructor and an Volunteer Examiner, which allows me to contact assessments for US class licences up to my General Class qualification.                   

I am married to Sharan, we were married in 1985 and have 4 adult children. Our oldest Daughter and youngest Son are living in Toowoomba, a short drive from our QTH, we have a son living in Brisbane about a 2 hour drive from the QTH and our youngest Daughter is living the dream by living and working in London - UK, a short 24 hour plane ride from the QTH.

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